0.22 — Creative engineers are the leaders of the software world – Jud Valeski

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Jud Valeski was co-founder of Gnip (acquired by Twitter), a real-time data portability software initiative. From client-side consumer facing products, to large scale back-end infrastructure projects, he has enjoyed working with technology for over twenty years. He’s been a part of engineering, product, and M&A teams at IBM, Netscape, onebox.com, and AOL. He has played a central role in the release of a wide range of products used by tens of millions of users worldwide.

Find Jud on twitter at @jvaleski and at http://one.valeski.org/.

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0.21 – Announcement: Rebrand — Miles & Kevin

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Join Kevin & Miles for a special announcement episode:  We’ve changed our podcast name!


0.20 – Distributed teams with Maria Gutierrez & Glenn Vanderburg

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Maria Gutierrez and Glenn Vanderburg lead Living Social’s distributed engineering teams for the past 5 years. They’re both now at different companies, and still at different geographic locations, but in this episode of our podcast, they sit down at their respective locations with us over Skype to talk about how to hire, manage, and lead distributed engineering teams.

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0.19 — Hiring Junior Engineers into your Startup w. Miles Cook

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This week’s episode features Miles Cook, CTO of Blurrt.

Blurrt is a software platform that allows users to collect, listen, showcase, analyse and engage with their social audiences in real time.

In this episode, we talk about the growth needed to advance from a Senior Dev role to a CTO role. We also discuss coaching Junior Engineers into being productive in a fast paced startup environment.


0.18 – Announcements with Kevin & Miles

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We’re taking this week to make some announcements and talk about the progress we’ve made thus far on our show. We’re really happy with how far we’ve come, what we’ve learned, and what we’ve got on the horizons. Tune in to hear our announcements and be sure to subscribe for new episode announcements at StartupCTOio/subscribe!


0.17 — Quantifying Engineering w. Travis Kimmel of Gitprime

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Travis Kimmel is the CEO of GitPrime.  GitPrime analyzes a team’s codebase to quantify engineering progress. They make it easy to identify engineers who are stuck or bogged down with refactoring, and quantify the amount of effort spent paying down technical debt.

Find Travis on twitter at @traviskimmel.


0.16 – Bootstrapping as an engineer with Brian Pontarelli

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This week’s episode is with Brian Pontarelli, the founder and CEO of Inversoft. Brian is an engineer who bootstrapped Inversoft out of nights and weekends to become a profitable business without taking any VC funding. He’s still active daily in their code base, but has had to navigate the business world as an engineer to get his company to profitability. Brian is also one of the organizers of Denver Startup Week, so we talk about that as well. Enjoy!


0.15 — What you need to know to build a Virtual Reality app — Mark Manes

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The week’s episode features Mark Manes; Director of Mobile Development at Markit On Demand and organizer of the Colorado Virtual Reality Meetup.  Mark takes us through a state of the VR ecosystem and the different build options for Virtual Reality apps


0.14 – Global Engineering with Dan Mayer

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This week’s episode has Dan Mayer, the Director of Software Engineering at Off.Grid:Electric. Dan manages a software team distributed all over the world to deliver software for hardware that runs in Africa, all from his office in Colorado. He discusses the challenges of remote working across the entire globe, staying on mission with your end user in another continent, and his advice on how to get a group of remote developers to put out a fire in an efficient and quick method. Enjoy!


0.13 – The Human Brain, Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity w. Jeff Rose

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This week’s episode is a Boulder Startup Week talk featuring Jeff Rose, the Founder and CEO of ThinkTopic.  Jeff’s expertise is in operating systems, algorithms, neural networks, image processing and information retrieval.   Jeff’s talk is about Artificial Intelligence;which has seen a lot of hype recently from big dollar startup acquisitions to doomsday predictions. These lead to more questions than answers such as – What is at the core of AI advancements? What’s driving the hype? And what are the true promises and perils of a “super intelligence?”

Jeff will walk through the design of the neocortex, how the mechanism of the human brain translates to AI software, and the reasons why machine learning is taking off today. Finally, get a “hype-free” view of its potential while engaging in some fun thought experiments on future AI utopias and dystopias.